This is a design I made to promote Jeremiah Weed. It was used on such materials as posters, banners, price cards, and vinyl wraps.
 A big part of design is knowing who your audience is. I got to design a lot of posters for college bars and it really makes a difference when you design with graphic styles and colors that college kids relate to.  And they relate to beer pong.   
 Grellner Sales and Miller Lite are a sponsor for the Sedalia Outlaws arena football team. This was a banner I designed with the Outlaws schedule on it, that was hung throughout the arena they play in.    
 Christmas cards are always fun to design, especially when you get paid to do it. This was a christmas card I designed as a thank you to the clients of Grellner Sales.    
 As the designer for Grellner Sales, part of my job was event promotion. This was a design I made for the an event involving BMW motorcycles.    
 This is a promotional poster for Milwaukee's Best. It takes eye catching graphics like this to grab attention in a busy store with many other promotional material.   
 Sometimes weird design works the best. Take this design for instance. This was part of a campaign we ran that centered around Coors Banquet. Vintage and weird humor work really well together for some reason.   
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