After filling out the initial “REQUEST A QUOTE” button below  I will call or email you for your first consultation. We will discuss the needs of your business and how we can accomplish them. We’ll go over what you currently like, as well as any design ideas you may have. I may also send you a questionnaire with specific questions that help narrow down and speed up the design process. A full overview of the consultation with your quote will be emailed to you once completed.


After you have agreed to move forward you will be sent a contract to review  the terms and conditions along with an invoice  for you to make  your deposit.


The design will start after the initial consultation and once I receive the deposit and signed contract. For most projects, you will be sent rounds of designs (round 1, round 2, etc) where you will choose what you like, and what you would like changed. This process will continue all the way to the finished product. 

 For web design, I will build a "skeleton" site based off your questionnaire, that will show the location and layout of content. Once you ok the skeleton I will begin to build out your website. At this time I will contact you often( mostly through email) to obtain any images, text, or ecommerce settings information needed.


Once you are 100% satisfied then the final payment will be made and your product will be delivered.  If you have purchased a website at that time your site will be live, and you will be sent log in credentials for your website back end through WordPress.