Design For A Cause: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I was  approached by the Saline County Prosecutors office and asked to design a banner for domestic violence awareness month. Of course I said I would make something for them. Got to keep on the right side of the prosecutors office you know. They needed something with large easily readable type that could be displayed outside of the courthouse. I have made a ton of banners so I was no stranger to designing it or getting it printed on the right material. What I came up with was the design below. Purple is domestic violence awareness's color and I thought the "Keep Calm" type would go well and make it more noticeable to people. They had a press release and wrote an article in the Marshall Democrat talking about domestic violence. All very awesome things to bring to peoples attention, in case you haven't followed any NFL news in the past 2 months. I was happy to help out with such a great cause and hope it helps someone out there find some help. Now for some domestic violence facts (spoiler alert: they are horrifying).

Statistics show a victim of domestic violence waits until they've been hit an average of 35 times before filing a police report. Intimate partner violence alone affects more than 12 million people each year.