Hello, my name Is Billy Owen and I am a graphic and web designer in Kansas City, MO.

Quick facts:

  • B.A. in graphic design from University of Central Missouri, 2010.

  • Currently employed as a graphic designer at

  • I create digital art and travel videos in my off time.

  • I am a music nerd, I listen to a lot of it. I also enjoy playing guitar and wishing I was better at playing guitar.

  • I am left handed, all day long.

  • I really like comedy and anything involved with space or the universe.

  • I have a Pomeranian named Foxdog.

Ever since I was a kid building elaborate designs out of Legos, I have always found myself drawn to creating things. My passion for art and design grew and expanded throughout my childhood into my adulthood. Now I am a entrenched and weaved into design and all things aesthetic in the professional world. I pride myself on pushing and challenging my design skills by staying curious. Dissecting good design is a passion of mine. I think of design as puzzle that can be solved in an infinite amount of beautiful combinations. I am always up for the journey. I love being given a challenge, and then solving the problem creatively. That to me, is the essence of being a designer.

Billy Owen